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We contribute to your Development!

We are your Fulfillment Business Service and your Extension. Connection, Integration, Commercialization, Advertising, Placing of your Products and your Brands in the German and European Market. Moreover, realizing of Sales Management, POS Management and Continuos Improvement.

What we bring to your Business

B2B2C Sales Channel

...their products integrate on B2B and B2C Sales Channel as well as Retail, Wholesale and Consumers in Germany and Europe.


...your products and Business will be presented to our Contacts as well as for strategic Groups of our Relationships.


...we create a solid Relationship between the Buyers and your products as well as your Business.


...we care of and work to the complete process from the initial approach with the Market until the Consumption.

POS Management

...when the products are sold, we realize the work also on POS, with this we bring strategics Information from consumption.


...we think always, how can we improve? Therefore, we search specific and strategic Improvement to apply.

Sales Force


we prepare the Tools to develop - Approach, Strategies, Pipelines, Controls...

B2B Segmented Approach

Relationschip direct to Buyers, Deals Management

Negotiation, Meeting with possible Client, Presentation of Products.

B2B Sales Channel 

Connection and Integration with the respective Channel.


Sales Management, Sales Channel Management, Orders. Clients Relationships

Shelf Analysis and Controls, Strategies

Improvement, Follow-up in Loco

B2C Market Places

Connection and Integration with the respective Channel.

Social Media

German Social Media Account, Daily Posts

Monthly Ads., Interaction with the Consumer...


Access to our Platform to your follow-up, Online Transmission, i.e, Real Time.

Smart Money

We invest in your Business with Know-How, Experience, Networking, Vision.

+ 10K

B2B Possible Client

Retailers and Wholesales, Bio Market, Delicatessen,  Drugstore Market, Convenience Store, Ethnic Market, Market of Niches, Distributor, Beverage Stores and B2B2C Channels...


Social Media

Through our Social Media Channels we can erreichen on our Posts and Stories this Milestone.



Germany, Austrian, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Luxemburg, Poland, Italy and Norway we can connect your Business


Years of Experience

just in Germany and Europe, which we loud a sound Experience on Sales,  Omnichannel, Distribution, Commercialization...